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"Snooki Writes Novel" the google headline read. My first thought was: What's a Snooki? I asked this on my Facebook page. The response: A girl on the MTV show Jersey Shore. Who once said she has read only two books. I sat there for a minute, thinking of the fact I'm paying back over 20,000...
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It's interesting to note the frequency with which some words are employed in the English language despite the richness of its vocabulary.  And it's not limited to the "awesome" and "so" and "totally" overused by those born after Ronald Reagan became president. One of...
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When I decided to set Before the Storm and Secrets She Left Behind on Topsail Island, I never dreamed how important this place would become to me. From my very first research trip,  though, I knew I’d discovered something special. It reminded me of my childhood at the Jersey Shore and of my early...