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When my friend asked me after the Halloween Carnival what the lady’s name was, I couldn’t remember.  I guess I must have made her ‘Anonymous” in my head because I didn’t want to ever accidentally reveal her identity to anyone.  And I didn’t really know her anyways; we just happened to be...
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For any parent, it's pretty gratifying to hear the name of one's kid announced as he/she streams up to receive a diploma during a graduation ceremony. While I have two kids who have made that march --high school and college, both of 'em-- I have yet to experience that joy... because of jerks...
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Look at any three dots that are not in line: .           . . What do you see?  You see a triangle, right? But there is no triangle! The lines with which your mind connects these four dots into a pattern of a triangle do not exist. Yet - somehow - your mind organizes these three data-points of...