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The Last Pilgrims by Michael Bunker is a novel set 20 years after a world-wide economic collapse. In this post-apocalyptic book, the fractured US has returned to a "medieval system of monarchy and aristocracy".  Jericho-like in its premise, the book covers the small community of the Valenses...
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ST. GEORGE’S MONASTERY, West Bank — Gathered in the chapel of this outpost in the Judean Desert last week, the Orthodox priests chanted “Lord, have mercy” in Greek, in a service of blessing for a new road that makes the venerable building accessible to the growing number of tourists willing to dare...
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Their politics might be spinning wheels, but Palestinians are revving engines on the race track.NABLUS, West Bank — For a change, the Palestinians gathered on the main street of Nablus were happy to be going around in circles.Palestinian politics makes a lot of noise, only to end up spinning its...