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Jeremiah Wright | Jeremiah Wright

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The following is presented in honor of Juneteenth, the traditional commemoration of the celebration that dates back to  June19, 1865, when African-American slaves in Galveston, Texas, learned for the first time about the Emancipation Proclamation that had been issued to free them two years earlier...
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Never in my lifelong observation of politics have I seen an election to match this one for extravagant theatricality: Laughter! Tears! Elation! Nausea! This campaign is like a periodic table of human capability, from venal self-interest to hermetic self-delusion, from moral blindness to moral...
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I just read the feel-good poll of the season—and it feels good not just because I like Obama but because I really, really want to like Americans. A new CBS/NY Times poll finds that 70% of voters nationwide believe that Obama "shares the values most Americans try to live by." 66% say the...
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Ask anyone concerned with the growth and healing of people and institutions—a therapist, a religious leader, an addict in 12-step recovery, a motivational speaker, or that consultant your company brings in for team-building workshops—and they’ll all agree on one principle: you can’t solve a problem...