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Jekyll Island | Jekyll Island

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In today’s world we are a busy bunch of swarming bees. We don’t have time for lengthy encounters with others who simply want to waste our time. Those people often come to us via the telephone.   Who among us actually participate in phone surveys? Most of the time I don’t, but every once in...
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I love watching hummingbirds. Right now there are anywhere from four to eight fluttering back and forth fighting their way to the sweet nectar inside the artificial feeder hanging on my porch. I not only love watching them but also enjoy listening to the sounds of their wings as they beat rapidly...
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I am finally on vacation, a mere three days before I head back to my teaching job. I didn't have a lot of time (or cash) to travel, so I headed to the beach. I am staying on one of the most unspoiled beaches I have ever seen, Jekyll Island. Jekyll Island was a remote, island where some of the...