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"Is Amazon bad for publishers?" economist Felix Salmon asks in the title of his latest blog for Reuters where he delves into the questions raised by Duff McDonald's New York Times review of Brad Stone's The Everything Store: Jeff Bezos and the Age of Amazon. "It’s something of an article of faith,...
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Amazon gazillionaire Jeff Bezos picked up the Washington Post for a mere $250 million, quite small change in tech-land. Tech giants buy little start-ups for more than that. How the mighty have fallen. As a Post alum, I hate to see the institution so terribly devalued.     ...
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(NOTE: Rested and refreshed from his sojourn in Belize, the writer of this blog has decided to make his comeback with a screed. This is done with much thought and coffee, one important and the other not so much. It must be coffee on account of cutting down on thought has never given anyone a rude...
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I've been getting lots of interest about this witty film clip. Hitler weighs in on the great ebook debate. Here is the link  http://andyrossagency.wordpress.com/2010/04/06/hitler-rants-on-book-publishing/  
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  This has been getting my goat for 10 years.  According to Publisher's Weekly today,  Amazon. com dropped all their Colorado "Associates" because the state passed legislation requiring internet retailers to collect local sales tax.   The Amazon "Associates" program is the very...
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Country Joe and Me just went up on KINDLE. KINDLE is a new electronic reading devise developed by Jeff Bezos and his staff at Amazon.com. It is selling for $359.  Currently over 145,000 books are available for application to KINDLE. The KINDLE can hold up to 200 full length books as well as various...
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  (NOTE: Stuck for a synonym? Messed up over metaphors? Iron a shirt. The order is simple: collar, yoke, cuffs, and sleeves before front to back to front. Few pleasures outdo a well-laundered and well-pressed cotton shirt. No polyester or poly blend comes close, and linen is only good for the extra...