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My week started with strains of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dream Coat in my brain.   I would be thinking of something else completely but would suddenly realize my thoughts were being accompanied in the background by “Jacob, Jacob, and Sons” or “Poor, poor, Joseph…” or some other...
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Supper fixed: Check. Kitchen cleaned:  Check.  Laundry caught up: Check.  Tickets purchased for grandson Sam’s high school musical this weekend: Check. Someone secured to sub for worker who could not come tonight: Check.  Lunch meat and Chinese slaw in the fridge for whoever...
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People are asking, so I better post to let you know that Katherine came home finally on Thursday.  We were originally told that she could come home Tuesday, which made me very nervous because I thought it seemed too soon although she was out of ICU on Monday even though they had no new room...
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Our oldest grandchild, Tara, and her two little boys Aidan (almost 3) and Maddux (3 months) are on the road coming down from Chicago and will be here before I finish this, I hope. Daughter Jeannie Eiler and her Cecelie (who was 10 on Thursday) arrived last night about 10, and were up at 6 this...
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From AmazonConnect blog on June 15, 2008: After a supper of bratwursts, which our son-in-law Brian  cooked on the grill he brought over from their camper up at Wayside Farm, along with  the two new family movie rentals he brought at the kids’ requests, four of the grandkids who happened to be here...