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I picked up Clan of the Cave Bear while standing in line at the checkout counter in K-Mart many years ago and was enchanted. I thought it was a stand-alone book and was quite happy with that, but when The Valley of Horses was featured as a book club selection, I had to get it too, and was equally...
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I realize I have been twisted by my mother's idea of morality. She called me a whore when I was still a virgin. She wasn't to know. I didn't share my (lack of) sexual experience with her. She wasn't the kind of person in whom I would wish to confide set as she was on determining who and what I...
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I have been reading Jean M. Auel's Earth Children series, beginning with Clan of the Cave Bear and continuing through all the books, now that they are out. I am halfway through The Stone Shelters and had to put it down to read a couple of books for review. I am anxious to get back to it. ...