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Jane Austen parody | Jane Austen parody

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How Mitzi Szereto came to write her scandalous version of the Jane Austen classic!  http://mitziszereto.com/blog/does-my-countenance-look-fat-in-this-pride-and-prejudice-hidden-lusts/
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I am happy to announce that Mansfield Park and Mummies Monster Mayhem, Matrimony, Ancient Curses, True Love, and Other Dire Delights by Jane Austen and Vera Nazarian is here at last! A hilarious "comedy of monsters and manners!" This stylish and clever parody of the Austen classic...
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Good things come in threes. Three Bears. Three Lord of the Rings movies. Three volumes of Pride and Prejudice. … And now, three Jane '08 videos. Yes, it's a trilogy, and no, my candidate is not ready to concede. Check it out. Tell your friends. Share, embed, and spread the word.   If you...