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We spent the day on practical matters.   Son Guy and I worked on activating one of the debit cards, and after two tries, made it work.   Guy went shopping and brought home cheese, salami, yogurt, wine, and other goodies.   Paul of the Red Cross called to tell us that our residential...
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A fine Sunday.  Aside from the fact that I missed the bed in the dark last night, hurt my back, and almost smashed Son Guy's guitar, everything was coming up bright here in San Francisco.   After dealing with my Email (which included a nice note from Wayne the K. promising a return visit...
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Each and every time something like the massacre in Aurora Colorado occurs I wind up being forced to defend America. I suppose these things come with the territory; being an American citizen and all living on an island where the crime rate is about 007% I suppose it’sunderstandable why people would...
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Last night I saw Dark Knight Rises at the Universal Boardwalk AMC Theatre in Los Angeles.  In front there was one of the cars displayed from the movie on that shiny shiny boardwalk that looks like Hollywood did a hurl on it.  I looked at my movie partner for this Batman movie (this time...