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It's nearly that time! Just a little less than 3 weeks! On Sept 24, we'll start out with the blog tour: I'll post actual links to the blogs as soon as I have them the day of the blog!  9/24 Love Romance Passion 9/25 Sharon Buchbinder 9/26 Paulette's Papers 9/27 Jesse Kimmel-Freeman 9/28...
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  Let go! He's trying to reel you in, to save you from yourself. Oh, I know, you just want to see how hard he'll try to get you over to seeing his way of things.Or...it's research. You know. To check out his muscles. Great job! Thanks for sharing. But really, you can let go now! And enjoy...
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Yes! Thumbs up! Relax. Rugged. Bronzed. And ready. Or like this. Lazy, Relaxed. Wild and fuzzy. Savage Hunger comes out in October.Or cool and blue like this!   A Howl for a Highlander comes out in Feb. With a she-wolf comes responsibilities. I never thought I'd be writing about...
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Yes...or a wolf, but I'm really thinking a vampire. I don't want them to feel neglected either. What do my vamps have in common? They're dark haired just like him! :)   Deadly Liaisons Kiss of the Vampire Huntress for Hire  Forbidden Love Seducing the Huntress...
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First, we've got to start out with a wet hunk for the day. He doesn't have to be wet, but it appeals on a hot day. So first things first, we've got to have him. I am watering the baked yard so he comes with the job. Then we need a little humor. Okay, so I have a weird sense of humor. My pest...
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  Having a new cover is so exciting! Finishing the manuscript! Writing a new one! Editing the manuscript! The final, final read through! But the best is when readers can get their hands on the book. Then the real worry begins! Will readers like it??? Love it????   This is a preview...