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WB On a bright September day in 1972, I walked up to an apartment building at 8 Duke Street in London. I looked at the list of names next to the door, and I found who I was looking for. I nervously pressed the buzzer next to the name. Pause. Then I heard, through the intercom, a nasalized, even...
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A friend gave me Salinger by Shields and Salerno in hardback, all two-plus inches thick of it, and I’m committed to read it cover to cover.  The center of the book is the unique personality of Jerome Salinger, who experienced WWII by landing in Normandy, participating the Battle of the Bulge,...
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It came into the gallery several weeks ago. An oil portrait on canvas of a young man with dark, combed back hair, his eyes looking down. It is dated 1957 and signed Segal. The man who brought it in found it decades ago in some out of the way haunt and was sure at the time it was a portrait of Jack...
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Phil Naessens' show for December 4th, including his interview with me, is up, and you can find it here. Phil's show is something like an audio magazine, and he takes on some rather interesting subjects. If you have time, take in the whole show.
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Here are some exercises I created for a class on Beat Literature: http://www.beatliterature.wordpress.com Try some of them out and let me know how it goes. I'll post your responses.      
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From the Shakespeare & Company bookstore in Paris I learned of a new scroll being created to commemmorate the original scroll used by Jack Kerouac when he wrote On the Road. Apparently I just made it under the deadline of Sept. 1. This was my submission.         ...
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Does knowledge of the artist affect the perception of the art?  Have you ever watched the superbly crafted horror film “Rosemary’s Baby”?  Does your enjoyment of the movie change when you learn that the director, Roman Polanski, was arrested for and plead guilty to statutory rape? ...
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If you live on California's Monterey Peninsula, Big Sur to the south (``Big South'') is like an exotic cousin or friend who is  slightly different than you and me. That's probably why it has a literary record of attracting the offbeat and different, say Jack Kerouac (``Big Sur'') and Henry Miller...
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Attended a literary event at the Beat Museum this past Thursday evening. It was billed a Regent Press Moment at the Beat. Featured were several Regent Press authors namely Joseph Arthur (ANOTHER LEAP INTO BLACK), Robert Balmanno (RUNES OF IONA), Janine Canan (GODDESSES, GODDESSES) and Dona Nieto (...
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Bitterness, much like eccentricity and corpulence, appears to be somewhat of an occupational hazard for writers. Just as sitting on your rump all day writing is guaranteed to make you fat, and spending whole days inside your own head sure to make you a bit weird, the challenges writers face are...