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“Becoming and being have no relationship with each other, they move in entirely different directions,” asserts J. Krishnamurti in “Asceticism and Total Being.”  Indeed. Becoming and Being are as different as Anchorites and Eremites.  An anchorite was a devout believer who allowed him/her-self to be...
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“Desire is contradiction,” claims J. Krishnamurti.  And a self-contradiction at that!  When I want (anything), I want to change from the state that I am in to a state that I am not.  The problem is that I am the state that I am in and to want (anything) is to desire to not be (in the state that I...
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Jack and I decided to move to Santa Barbara.  It was more my idea than his.  It was completely my idea.  I wanted to get back to my roots, the beach.  I wanted a change.  I wanted to stop working in a bar, waitressing.  My temper was showing.  About a month before this decision to move to Santa...