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Turn over a rock or open a Writer's Market and find writing contests. All over the Internet the word travels at the rate of speeding electrons about the latest and greatest writing contest. Plunk down the money, write a story, and grasp fame and fortune -- and publication. Why not enter a contest,...
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Insight often comes from strange places. At least it does for me. I was watching Cranford and one of the characters, Lady Ludlow, was opposed to young Harry being taught to read and write. She didn't want to end up like her cousins across the channel in France with her head lying in a revolutionary...
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Everything changes and yet everything stays the same. Seems like an oxymoron. In publishing, that is exactly what it is -- an oxymoron. The more things change, the more publishers seek to maintain the status quo, scaring authors into believing there are nothing more than an unimportant cog in the...
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This is an exciting time to be a writer. It is also a frightening time to be a writer. everything is changing. Some things are changing slowly and ponderously and everything else is changing at light speed. Case in point: J. K. Rowling jumped ship from Christopher Little's literary agency and...
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It was a fellow writer's message to me that sent me into research mode this morning on Google and other search engines to find someone else who has been offered a similar deal. I haven't found it yet after two solid hours of searching. Queries are winging out across the cyber-void and the clock...