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J. Edgar Hoover | J. Edgar Hoover

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  My Australian counterpart, Greg Maybury, recently wrote a compelling blog about ex-CIA counterintellingence chief James Jesus Angleton, one of the most ruthless, paranoid, and admired spies in Coporations Invisible Army (CIA). I am reprinting a portion of the blog here, along with my...
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  There is a stunning paper trail, beginning with the November 25, 1963, memo from Assistant Attorney General Nicholas Katzenbach (reprinted in its entirety below) to LBJ aide Bill Moyers, which documents the Johnson administration's desperation to cover up the truth of JFK's assassination....
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With the untimely passing of James Gandolfini at the age of 51, it’s easy to see how his iconic character, Tony Soprano, follows a fine lineage of memorable mobsters during Hollywood’s Golden Age. It’s a given to compare HBO's The Soprano’s to The Godfather; but, the Gangster film goes...
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His birthplace is in question; and there’s no evidence of a birth certificate. What gives? No, I’m not talking about President Obama. The big mystery gripping all of Great Britain is questions surrounding… Charlie Chaplin! Secret papers released on Friday by the National Archives in...
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Love is the primal force in the universe. Love is encapsulated in relationships. These may be parent and child, brother and sister, friends, human and animal, male couples, female couples and male and female. Love is sometimes tragic, disjointed and fragmented. American actors, Joanne Woodward and...
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J. Edgar Hoover is very much like Joseph McCarthy. He could have done what he did a lot differently, and probably better. He was a demagogue and abused his powers. He was also right on the big issues. We have allowed him to be tarred and feathered by the liberals. He was, if not a great American,...