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A friend gave me Salinger by Shields and Salerno in hardback, all two-plus inches thick of it, and I’m committed to read it cover to cover.  The center of the book is the unique personality of Jerome Salinger, who experienced WWII by landing in Normandy, participating the Battle of the Bulge,...
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In 1951, the year THE CATCHER IN THE RYE was published in the US by Little Brown, J. D. Salinger made a rare visit to San Miguel de Allende, Mexico in order to rest and recover after the ordeal of writing his novel. He met and fell in love with a local woman named Marianna and left the MS. of a...
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First editions are first tries, both for the author and the publisher.  Their worth in the used and rare book field is often something to wonder about when you consider that the first edition of Gone with the Wind looks like the umpteenth printing.  Fine bindings and good condition can’t...