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What we take away from a book is a function of who we are, the sum of our life experiences--our world view. After two readings thirty years apart and a great deal of study and analysis, here are my insights. The teenage years are when we reject our parents and look for answers outside the family/...
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Some question the modern relevance of The Catcher in the Rye, alleging its language and characters are dated. Some people say they can’t relate because the story lacks a linear plot or a main character that undergoes a transformation.Classic literature is always relevant but may exercise the mind a...
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We'd have fewer cases of teenagers going postal if CATCHER were used to teach about mental illness. Like John Voss in EMPIRE FALLS, and Andrew Clark in the cult film, BREAKFAST CLUB, Holden Caulfield  shines a golden light on the teenager in crisis. Try and view CATCHER as less about...
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                    “I was vowed to liberty. Men were to be as gods, and earth as heaven.” Robert Browning. Ever since Eve was seduced by the serpent while Adam looked on, last Friday was it? - or Tuesday? - I forget, her children have been plagued...