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Israeli Palestinian conflict | Israeli Palestinian conflict

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Hostage by Elie Wiesel is a short novel that compresses a modern day drama within a much longer history that stretches beyond the Holocaust to the origins of the Jewish faith.    The story line is as follows: For scant reason having to do with him as a particular Jew, Shaltiel is...
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Yes, I fear we have. Any poems being written about the children left for days beside their dead mothers? Any essays? Any stories? I hope so. Our government has forgotten, but I hope our writers have not. Scrawled in my notebook as the new year began, these barely legible words--- For...
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  Not thank you leaders The eyes flush the sadness Over the children Who drew the pain And every bodies veinBy the threads of sorrowagainst the Israelis plot the plot that fed the greed In their bowels And freeze the emotions In one huge World’s blood clot Serve it spiced By Gazza children’s...
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As you might imagine, during these times I am coming up against quite a lot of anti-Israel sentiment and feel - as many of us do - compelled to try and provide counterarguments to at least balance things out, directing people towards sources of reading that might provide information that their own...