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We are back from maybe the best vacation ever : six glorious days on Havelock Island, one of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands, located in the Indian Ocean between India and Myanmar; the Bay of Bengal is to the west, and the Andaman Sea is to the east.

We stayed at a picture postcard perfect cluster...
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 According to the Tibetans, today is Buddha’s birthday. A prince with everything in the world, he set off on a quest to discover the truth of life. I’m remembering a mindfulness adventure I had this week, fifteen years ago: Bornean Buddha by A.Ashman  In Borneo, I felt bored and restless at a luxe...
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I am on an island, a strange and small island. I can walk to one side and see the sunrise and hours later watch the sun set some 25 yards away on the other side. Today I saw the sunrise and set. I've barely slept. My travel mates have slept marathons. I've only slept sprints. This island is set...
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She is the tree green and wide abundantly dressed overflowing spreading her sleeves blesses all in her cool shade solitude teems with breezy songs I feel nearer God               2   That autumn tree from this window looks like a young woman naked exciting birds to come kiss and play tomorrow when...
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Aloha! In eighteen days I’ll be off to Hawaii for a six day writing retreat.  My second novel will be making the trip with me. I’ve never been, so I’m looking forward to not only polishing my writing, but hopefully having some time to explore. There will be much to  learn and plenty to share. ...
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Boomtown Nanaimo, British Columbia, is currently one of the hottest housing markets in Canada. Baby boomers all across the country are casting their aging eyes west in their quest for a retirement haven, and the many advantages of Nanaimo, BC, are becoming known. First off, there's the mild climate...
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Me again. Well, we've reached the halfway point in NaNoWriMo and so far, I've managed my goal with 29,802 words written for what I believe will be a pretty cool sequel to Hoodoo Money. The title, BTW, is Mangroves and Monsters. It takes place on an island called Jacqueme Dominique somewhere in the...