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Shortly before my book The Jewel of Medina was going to his store shelves, my U.S. publisher pulled the plug. The book is about A'isha, the most powerful and influential woman in the history of Islam. It presents the religion and its founders in a clear, objective -- human -- fashion, wrapped...
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Historical novels vie with crime and romance novels for the titles of most derided and most widely read literature. They've had a bad rap ever since the 19th century, when the swashbucklers of Alexandre Dumas looked pretty wooden next to Dickens, and cartoonish in comparison to the depth of Victor...
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Igor Yopsvoyomatsky, Editor-In-Chief of Paranoiais Fact.com answers readers' questions. Dear Igor, My cousin Fred says the mosque will be a headquarters for the sharia takeover of America. That the Muslims have mind-control techniques that turn weak-minded people like me into suicide bombers and...
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Perhaps disappointed and bemused with the incessant bickering, backbiting and slandering, God finally agreed to set the record straight about the proposed Ground Zero Mosque in an exclusive interview with Katie Couric. Due to obvious security concerns--and because God's image or voice could...
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  This is market day, the day I go to my favorite farmers' market, a high point on my weekly calendar.  It is also the middle of Ramadan, a time of great importance to all of Islam, a time of self-purification through fasting, prayer and particular focus on self-restraint.  The month of...
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I highly recommend the new expose of Islam by this black Somali woman writer, especially to all bleeding hearts.
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 THE BUTTERFLY MOSQUE: ON-STAGE CONVERSATION WITH G. WILLOW WILSON Saturday, July 10, 2010 6:00pm - 7:30pm ICCNC, 1433 Madison Street, Oakland, CA 94612 Web site: http://www.iccnc.org/publish/26/islam-and-authors---wil.php Tickets: $7 adults, $5 students. Phone: (510) 832-7600 Co-sponsored...
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June 13 Toronto: Ben McNally’s Books and Brunch 10am-12:30pm. For tickets, visit Ben McNally Books June 15 Seattle: Elliott Bay Book Company (new Capitol Hill location) 7pm FREE June 17 Denver: LoDo Tattered Cover, 7:30PM FREE June 22 Boulder, CO: Boulder Bookstore, 7:30PM FREE July 7 San...
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Dear Reader, Every writer, it’s said, has a single story to tell -- and tells it over and over again. A’isha bint Abi Bakr, the most famous and influential woman in Islam, inspired me to write about her life in my novels “The Jewel of Medina” and “The Sword of Medina.” Now that I’m at work on a...
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The Imam’s DaughterHannah Shah  “My father was the Imam; my father was the mosque.” The world Hannah was born into meant her father has absolute power over nearly everyone, especially his family.  A sometimes dark and brutal tale, the book is overwhelmingly a tribute the resilience of one woman’s...