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    "Heart, we will forget this poem."    "You and I, tonight."    "You may forget the da da da."    "Da da da da da da dight."    "When you have done, pray tell me."    "That I my thoughts may znn." ...
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It is a difficult question, I know. What Assad has done to his own people is terrifying and inexcusable. What the U.S. did to the innocent citizens of Hiroshima and Nagasaki was equally terrifying and… “But it ended the war,” you say. Did it? Does violence ever end violence? Do we ever learn...
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A well meaning interviewer once said to me, “It must be wonderful to have endless, uninterrupted hours to just write and write.” I replied, “It must be. I hope to experience it sometime.” Today is one of those days that drives a writer (or any person) crazy. Every time I start on a task,...
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Excerpt from a letter to a friend ~ Our last neighbours in America were, I suppose, legendary. Those on our street were Linda Hamilton (and for about a year and a half, her husband, James Cameron), Cher, David Letterman (before he sold his house, one of several) and Bob Dylan, before he moved...