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Irving Berlin | Irving Berlin

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(NOTE: Oh, a little monkey playing on his one key/Gives them all the cue/To do the Monkey Doodle Doo/Let me take you by the hand/Over to the jungle band/If you’re too old for dancing/Get yourself a monkey gland/And then let’s/Go, my little dearie, there’s the Darwin theory/Telling me and you/To do...
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Michael Feinstein’s Great American Songbook Initiative is an archive at the Center for the Performing Arts in the Carmel City Center. It’s a permanent fixture over the Central Indiana landscape, and they will provide an extraordinary listening experience for audiences; acting as a museum and...
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The self-proclaimed Friendliest Rotary Club in the Region did not disappoint. Held at the legendary Ebell of Los Angeles, the Wilshire Rotary conducted their weekly meeting at noon. During the luncheon, a variety of upcoming events were discussed; a recent international trip was shared; and even...
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On the day before Thanksgiving we were robbed. During the night thieves gained access to our home and stole Kathi’s Stratocaster guitar, my keyboard, some amps and other musical equipment, our car, and Kathi’s son and my stepson Tony’s car, which was parked in front of our house. It was a disaster...