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 I got the idea for today’s post from a very unusual program of This American  Life. The topic of  the 1996 broadcast was Accidental Documentaries. It told the stories of old audio tapes from the late 1960s which were discovered accidentally in a  thrift store in Chicago. These...
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I love listening to the radio and I love skating and for me there is nothing better than to skate in the park and listen to public radio. Thanks to 21st century technology and the Ipod I can now listen to saved radio programs from NPR in the park in Ramat Gan Israel. Yesterday I heard an especially...
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Ira Glass says something about creativity that I've never heard before, and it's right on the money. Reposting from Facebook.
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I was listening to KQED the other day when the regular programming was interrupted by their fall pledge drive. As we all know, organizations that rely on donations have to use all kinds of techniques and tricks to persuade us to give them our hard-earned cash. This year at pledge time NPR has made...