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iPad in an Apple case (Photo credit: Wikipedia) This week, a small group of friends and I pondered when it's okay to not just want but to have new things. We live in a commercially-driven, consumer culture, in which to have is often portrayed as the greatest good. To not...
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G'wan... try THIS with your digital reader, technophiles... http://www.nwfdailynews.com/local/crime/police-blotters/library-solves-animal-control-s-puppy-poop-problem-1.89256 -- Earl Merkel
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The iPhone 5 is almost here now - it's purported to be faster, with a larger screen, and with other embellishments and advances. image via smtdaily.com   Apple hasn't yet been concerned with what I call use-overlap of its products - what with a smaller iPad on the horizon, are we heading...
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This is more about the new Kindle Fire than the iPad, but it's a decent review and brings up a few points of interest I hadn't previously considered. Amazon has fired a shot at Apple’s with two new Kindle products: the Kindle Fire and Kindle Fire HD. This first-look review pits what we know of both...
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E-book lending is one of the latest innovations of the digital publishing world. Learn more - good and bad -  about that here from Bob Mayer. In general it’s always a good thing to be the “first” at something. Being part of something on the ground floor tends to give you an advantage. This is...
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My take on this? Steve Jobs wouldn't have allowed it. It's difficult to understand the need for a smaller iPad - except to compete head-on cost-wise with the Nook, GOOGLE's new Nexus 7, and the Kindle Fire. Maybe Apple's already forgotten the iPod Touch, on which you can read a book, check e-mails...
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image via phillyflash.wordpress.com   It's become popular recently to give one's readers a little something free for their loyalty. So I've published a booklet to promote my first three novels. You can access it at the bottom of this linked page.  Download it to your desktop, and it...
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Just received word that the new issue of Terrain.org: A Journal of the Built & Natural Environments is now live at http://www.terrain.org.  It's beautiful.  The theme is migration and it is filled with photos, essays, poems and meditations on birds, cougars, people, mountain lions...
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Tim Cook's position on this is one of selling product, not of making the most use of, say, the iPad. I, for one, want the most use of mine.image via cnn.com(CNN) -- Is the future of computers a hybrid gadget that will combine the battery life and computing heft of a laptop with the portability and...
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With the holiday sales war over and all new devices already out on the market, much of January consisted of tallying up the sales numbers and looking to new developments in the new year. There have already been some big announcements: Apple’s digital textbook publishing, a possible spinoff of the...