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My favorite female protagonist is back in action. Flame-haired investigative reporter Kate Conway returns in THE DEADLY BUDDHA. And my readers have fallen for her, head over Kindles.   “Talk about new age heroines,” wrote one reviewer. “Kate is a natural blend of intellect, power,...
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Okay, here is a fun guy, witty and sharp. I had the pleasure of meeting Richard at the annual Florida Writer's Association banquet. We shared a few laughs and talked shop (writers do that, ya know). So, I tell Richard that I write fiction, mostly fantasy. He tells me he writes metafiction.What?...
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My name is Kate Conway and I’m an investigative reporter for a serious New York monthly magazine named Clarion. I would like to make it clear right away that nothing makes me happier than putting CEOs in jail or in the grave by exposing wild and wicked crimes in the highest and often strangest of...
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I have finished Murder in the High Himalaya: Loyalty, Tragedy and Escape from Tibet by Jonathan Green, but I don’t know where to start.Maybe I should start with current headlines? Two Tibetan teens self-immolate in protest of Chinese control (http://goo.gl/7mRPd). That makes fifty-one...