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Goodness me, but I am doing a heck of a lot of coughing. In fact I was coughing so hard last night that I actually woke myself up, then had to get up (lying down seems to be a key trigger ...) and sit upright for a while until I was able to stop. Really, my life is so hugely exciting. Then later,...
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(Author’s note: Rogue Males: Conversations & Confrontations About the Writing Life, is a collection of author interviews. It includes Pete Dexter, Alistair MacLeod, Daniel Woodrell, Elmore Leonard and James Crumley. Rogue Males also features an account of a trip to the desert to interview crime...
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 Elsa Wide of Whohub.com puts a few good questions to me at http://www.whohub.com/cherylsnell  Thanks, Elsa!
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I just interviewed a very young author of suspense novels: Estevan  Vega. At twenty, he already has been published twice and has a third manuscript under consideration by a top NY editor. Here's a bit about him: BIO: Some might assume that Estevan Vega fell in love with writing because math just...
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Hi All, I'm happy to say that my first guest at Pets and Their Authors is Red Room member Lucy Coats. Well, rather, her doggy, Willow the Dandie, is my first guest (see the terrier in the photo, the one with the tousled look?) I hope you'll visit Pets and Their Authors to read this funny interview...
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Hi all, I just started a new promo blog for authors where a doggy interviews authors' pets. In other words, your pet will talk about you and your book, from its 'unique' perspective. I was wondering if any of you would like to be one of my first, er, victims... :-) There will only be five...
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I'm often asked questions about my books, my writing, and writing in general. I thought of adding a "Frequently Asked Questions" section to my website, but then I had the idea of addressing some of these questions in more of an interview format. As I mentioned in my previous blog post, I...
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A few random Qs from my publisher… What is your favorite flower? Magenta cyclamen. In the dead of winter, I can always find a few secretly blooming in my garden. What are you reading now?Identical Strangers by Elyse Schein and Paula Bernstein. It’s a memoir by twins who were separated at birth and...
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First off, here’s this morning’s meditation: Meditation 46 The robe brushes the earthwith pomegranates and golden notes.See the ground sing, echo the deep scentto the air. The light still burnsand you know how arrival changeseverything. At work my email seems full of problems to sort out and...
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I've decided to leave here, albeit virtually, and visit Botswana, hosted by Lauri and her wonderful blog, Thoughts from Botswana. Yes, it's leg 10 on my Virtual Book Tour, the penultimate stop. And what am I talking about? Well, yes, me. Here is a small excerpt: Describe your writing process. Do...