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Apparently, an entry has been prepared about me for inclusion in a forthcoming edition of Contemporary Authors (CA), which is, in their own words, "a reference series that provides information on approximately 112,000 writers in a wide range of media, including fiction, nonfiction, poetry,...
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I was interviewed for an exciting and innovative web site www.completelynovel.com about my writing and how I got started, plus offering some tips on what worked for me.  To read the full interview visit  http://www.completelynovel.com/community  You will need to log-in in order to see it, but you...
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I know I should avoid any reptile references, but interviewing Ted Turner on stage at the Commonwealth Club Wednesday was like wrestling a generally amiable, veteran alligator. It can be a lot of fun until the bugger bites you. He knows just how to dig in.   Ted ,"Call Me Ted",...
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First, io9 has interviews with James Strickland and myself, where we discuss NanoWrimo and how a month of madness led to at least two published novels. Second, Sarah Wise from the Creaking Shelves Bookshop in Scotland just sent me a snap of Hal Spacejock sitting in her shop window. Note the...
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Diana Pharaoh Francis’s latest book, The Black Ship, is the second in her Crosspointe Chronicles series. It a novel of adventure at sea, friendship, betrayal and magic, and will be released November 4th, 2008.  1) What was your inspiration for writing The Black Ship? Well, there were a couple of...
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If you'd like to read my guest blog, it's at Romance Junkies:  http://www.romancejunkies.com/rjblog/?p=3  
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Hold on to your electric bill ... Barack Obama is at it again. I can not believe that these truthful revelations from Barack Obama may have some who voted early asking, CAN I HAVE MY VOTE BACK? Imagine if John McCain had whispered somewhere that he was willing to bankrupt a major industry? Would...
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West Coast author on an East Coast mornning radio show means the producer called at 6:20 am this morning. But  it was fun appearing on "Whatcha Got?" with the knowledgable Mr. Harry Ryker. This syndicated radio show lets people chat about what they have in their houses and the collectible...
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Words and Music: An Interview with David Niall Wilson [23 August 2005] by Nikki Tranter PopMatters Books Editor :. e-mail this article :. print this article :. comment on this article We go together, you and me. Like words and music. — Eddie Wilson (Michael Pare), Eddie and...
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NOTE: THE FOLLOWING INTERVIEW CAN BE FOUND IN ITS ORIGINAL FORMAT AT THE CALEB J. ROSS HOMEPAGE   "Be warned; this collection will polarize audiences, splitting readers according to their willingness to trust in an untethered voice. Sheep and Wolves does not believe in beach reading or...