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Last year, Jim C. Hines finished his humorous goblin trilogy with GOBLIN WAR, which made the Locus Bestseller list the month it came out.  January 6 marks the release of THE STEPSISTER SCHEME, the first in a new series of butt-kicking princess tales.  This one has earned advance praise from the...
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Starting off the new year with a new interview, this one with author JK Coi. I'd love for you to stop by and read the interview - and tell me what you think. While you're there, check out JK's books, too. I know I have! http://jkcoi.blogspot.com/  Hope to see you there. Margay Leah Justice, author...
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I am being interviewed today here: http://idonotwanttowaitiwantthebooknow.wordpress.com/ I would love for you to stop by and learn a little something about me and my crazy writing process. Hope to see you there! Margay Leah Justice, author of Nora's Soul http://margayleahjustice.com
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An interview with me by poet/songwriter Matt Urmy just appeared in a beautiful international journal, PUBLIC REPUBLIC.  The interview is called "Poems Are Always Moving Through More Than One Dimension of Consciousness," (12/19).  Check it out!  The editors are really nice, smart, and open...
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Well, December is turning into quite the busy month for me so far! I am continuing my whirlwind journey through the blogosphere talking about my book, Nora's Soul, writing and life in general. All this week, I am the Spotlight Theater Guest over at Writers and Readers of Distinctive Fiction: http...
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After Al Pacino: In Conversation with Lawrence Grobel was published I asked Al what he thought about it. It was awkward for both of us. Usually when one writes a book about someone, one isn't having lunch with that person every Sunday, as I do with Al when he's in Los Angeles. I often wonder what...
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(Cross-posted with TaniaWrites) Continuing in the spirit of not talking about myself, I have the great honour of hosting Mark Budman, editor of flash fiction lit mag Vestal Review (for which I used to work as a First Reader) and author of the newly-published novel, My Life at First Try, published...
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photo by Amy King Body Clock Eleni Sikelianos Lauded by Michael Ondaatje as an “unforgettable” writer, and praised by The Washington Post for her ability to capture “the subtlest shades of the emotional palette,” Eleni Sikelianos is one of the most highly regarded...
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Rusty Lime recently interviewed me about writing, the Hal books, and the relative merits of the C64 and ZX Spectrum. And don't forget the chance to win a set of four Hal Spacejock novels on the Ebooks Just Published blog. (I can only see five entries at the moment, which means there's currently a...
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There are many Ed Bakers in USA and when I googled against that name, I found a lot of persons including both male and female and interestingly enough all are claiming as artist,poet and writers. The Ed Baker, I am telling here was born on Washington, D.C. April 19,1941 and now resides at Takoma...