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Those of us who are in the Swirling lifestyle know that there always someone ready to rain on your interracial parade. When I interviewed Gene-Leigh, I asked her: Did you two have any issues regarding your relationship, either from you, your families, or outsiders? Here, Gene-Leigh...
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Yesterday Seth, our County Boy, and Gene-Leigh, our Black City Girl Swirl couple was facing an awful dilemma: A BAT was flying around in their home! Let's see how the County White boy handled up . . . . . The Bat Chronicles - Part 2 Gene-Leigh continues, At this point, my mind had slowly begun to...
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Yesterday we started a series on Swirl Couple Gene-Leigh and Seth Wheeler. Here’s a bio on the couple: My full name is Gene-Leigh (named for my grandparents and Vivian Leigh the actress) Ziegler (nee Wheeler) and I was born, raised, and currently reside in Pittsburgh, Pa. I’m 32 and ¾ (...