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I receive emails from people around the globe. Fans write to express how much they enjoy the blog; foes, not so much.  Whether you love it or you hate it, I enjoy hearing from you. Today's post (edited to protect the writer's anonymity) features a question I often receive: Hey Michelle, how...
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I'm sure most of us have seen pictures and witty sayings featuring The Grumpy Cat™.  I saw this particular Grumpy Cat photo last week: Even though I thought it was hilarious, it gave me pause. How many women are Grumpy Girls???? I'm happy to say that I'm never at a loss for male...
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Here on the blog and over at The Swirl World on Facebook, I often receive questions in my in-box from women interested in knowing more about how to date and relate to Rainbeau men. (Shout out to blog mistress Christelyn Karazin of Beyond Black & White for the...
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We love, love, LOVE blogger and vlogger Eugenia Berg - aka Married Girl in a Weird World. Eugenia is happily and interracially married. She and her hubby are expecting Baby Berg later this year! Today's Subject: There IS a Difference! Today, Eugenia discusses the reality of self...
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I believe it goes without saying that Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., was a champion of diversity. It also goes without saying that championing a cause is one thing; giving your life for it is another thing entirely. Dr. King's passion to ensure civil rights for all individuals regardless...