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It’s difficult to foresee. One minute it’s bright and hopeful. The next it’s dark and foggy.   I have a pretty good sense of things. But I am never really certain of the outcome. So I leave it to chance.   Just like the unpredictable weather. It starts out hot and humid. And then just as...
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  March 24   Water Buddha     The longer on the river I am the less I fear the river.  I still don’t know what lay ahead, anything may wait for me just around the next bend, but I fear this less and less.  Experience is a great foundation no matter what you are...
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  His misadventure   He rushed towards me to cause the damage His body was completely shaking in rage I could notice uncontrollable movement in his chase He lowered his fist to deliver the blow on face   I was amazed at sudden development  I was taken back when saw his movement...