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June 22     Notice     I put myself on the auction block and wait to see how high a rate I will have to pay to become slave to my illusions.  I have worked so ardently to free myself from past enslavements and here I stand naked on this block, selling myself and hoping I...
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Temperament according to Encarta dictionary on my laptop is quality of mind: a prevailing or dominant of mind that characterizes somebody. Its also combination of traits we inherited from our parents. It sets broad guideline on everyone’s behavior and may influence a person as long as he lives. Our...
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I want to thank everybody who has chosen to follow my blog and to read some of the posts over the last few weeks. I do hope you are enjoying them. To refresh the idea of what the OVERLAND blog is all about: to take one of life's many wistful abstract concepts each week, and weave them into one of...