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Happy Friday! Here is a Radio interview to Reboot your day. A Special Radio Reboot Message. ; )Hope this message finds you enjoying every moment of this beautiful day. Below is an audio link to listen to my radio interview with Cyrus Webb on ways to reboot your life. Please listen to...
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In the next week and a half we will go to as many as three funerals, one of which is for a person I have thought of as a friend and mentor and who succumbed quietly to cancer, surrounded by family. The two others are for people who died unexpectedly, one due to accident and one due to unknown and...
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"Be yourself, everyone else is taken." –Oscar Wilde Yesterday was a long work day, but it was a productive day. Busy season is upon us and I have a feeling that this year is going to feel more crammed than the last. Energy zipped through me last night. I went to bed a little after midnight, which...
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Choice...How often are you feeding into Joy? How often are you feeding into pain and suffering? Now ask yourself if I have choice to choose between these emotions, what thoughts am I choosing? Reboot my life!http://jtuniverse.com/JT Universejtuniverse.comJT Universe. Very reasonable prices and a...
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I spent a great deal of time alone.  I work alone for my company, far from my house, far from our offices.  I generally set my hours and agenda.  Although I attend meetings, I rarely speak and I'm rarely addressed.  I write alone.  I set my hours, objectives and agenda....
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To be fully aware is to accept what is, now take a deep breath and realize that you are present. From that moment harness your power, begin with gratitude and simply grow!
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     Less than 80 years ago, across the world, only about 200 televisions sets were in use. Today, a simulated reality confronts us with our collective mind. A click away, we sample the zeitgeist and witness some disturbing trends, like the continuous robbery of world resources. How...
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Ethereal, bewitching, seductive - thus have reviewers praised Alaska author Eowyn Ivey’s best-selling debut novel The Snow Child.    If that sounds like love, so too does the way Ivey’s book was conceived. In her day job at Fireside Books in Palmer, she came...
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Suzanne, can you tell us what your memoir is all about? My memoir is about a small town Australian country girl in the 1950’-60’s, who’s dux of her class every year at Primary School, loves the bush, the river, the mountains, reading, writing and singing and, always wants trousers with a fly. She...
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   Why spin tales, why listen to them, enact them on stage, dance them, ritualise them, read them, write them, re-write them?    We tell stories to ourselves and each other, to entertain, inspire, amplify events, or in search for meaning. When it comes to stories, fact-finders...