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This morning, eating breakfast with Annie and the Corbster. At an IHop, of all places, a chain restaurant Corb absolutely abhores. "...so I have this meeting this afternoon with a theater group about directing a play," I was saying, after gulping down my tomato juice. "It's for another...
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My wife has always been a rambunctious rebel with an iron backbone.  Most of her family learned this when she began doing battle with the school administration over the school newspaper's editorial policies. She's always been a political junkie, a sixteen year old riveted to the television...
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Hello everyone. Today’s post focuses on you, my readers. You‘ve made it through a rough winter, and soon, instead of wearing a heavy coat while outside, you will be wearing suntan oil instead, as you frolic on the beach! But what is going on inside your body – specifically your mind...
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Photo: Book cover of the anthology that contains my recently-sold poem, "An Old Man."   You'll find it in this anthology of "poems of hope throughout the world."  This recent write-up says it better:   We are delighted to announce that “Hope Springs A Turtle” is now available to...
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  March 22   Clever Me   I am clever, I am so clever, everyone knows it and I know it, too.  So, why do I get slam stuck on the very simple things required to keep my life running smoothly?  I know what needs to be done, yet have no clue as to how to accomplish these...
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  Following an eight-months labour of love, between my co-editors, the Archventures group, and contributing writers, a small edition of 250 beautiful copies of a book were published in 2010 – Heart of a Sufi – A prism of reflections on Fazal Inayat-Khan (1942 -1990.) As of...
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"Every blade of grass has an angel that bends over it and whispers, 'Grow, grow.'" –The Talmud This morning I'm in a quiet space. I woke early, soaked in the darkness of the early hour– listened to the morning hum itself into lightness. I've been carrying this Talmud quote around in my...
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     What inspires a person to write in a blog? Why do it? Is it a source of venting? Writers never need a reason. How many of us doodle on a piece of scrap paper when we are gabbing on the phone? I bet the number that do is greater than the number that do not. To me, this "...
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Align your thoughts with what you want. Live in Gratitude and Be soulfully Present! : ) Happy Monday! http://jtuniverse.com/
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Happy Friday! Here is a Radio interview to Reboot your day. A Special Radio Reboot Message. ; )Hope this message finds you enjoying every moment of this beautiful day. Below is an audio link to listen to my radio interview with Cyrus Webb on ways to reboot your life. Please listen to...