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I received a funny e-mail today -- at least I thought it was funny. At the same time, it would be cool if it were to happen. The outfitter that I went with when Ralph and I climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro last January, Tusker Trails, is extending an invitation to Barack Obama to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro. They...
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I’m currently reading one of the most recent novels by Stephen King, Lisey’s Story, which is a twist on the old writer writing a story about a writer plot. The story is about the widow of a writer, and is full of insights from an odd perspective. The perspective, in this case, is that of an author...
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All These Poems All the poems, the notes, old melodies silent for now; every single line and inspiration, muddled or divine, remain simply words known and rearranged Vowels conjugated and held softly and often in my throat, my love; each one a wonder and surprise, each my call to you: my...
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I became a character in his creation. I had known him for almost ten years. It was a long-distance friendship that took its time growing. He was certainly not just another reader, although that is how we first 'met'. I found him to be perceptive and sensitive. The fact that he was a published...
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  “We all know we’re going to die;  what’s important is the kind of men and women we are in the face of this.” Anne Lamott, Bird by Bird The thing was, I thought I might never write again. This was a month ago. I was all but defeated and I lost my faith, not because of the writer’s block or...
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Well, August isn't the kindest month for me this year. The penultimate reason is the loss of Aunt Jessie. Jessie was a formidable , lovely, faith-filled soul. I really can't say enough here about Jessie. Here's  some thoughts of sorrow... This has gone from a board comment reply to a poem to an...
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Following is a post from the way-back archives of my home site. Like everyone else here, I'm routinely pelted with requests for my advice to aspiring writers. Halfway through writing my third novel, I've finally got the stones to confess to the underlying truth, that I always feel out of depth,...
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Well I'm back at work once again, only this time things have slightly changed. I no loger share an office with my "room mate", in fact, they moved her far away from me, so my imagination will need a new motivator. Since my job depends highly on creativity (more so than the job of a...
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I've been thinking about inspiration lately and what a powerful, wonderful thing it is. Now, I'm not the kind of writer who waits to be inspired. I write every day. (OK, *most* days. I take a day off here and there.) But there are times when the words flow, and others when every syllable is a...