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"Writers are Readers" was emboldened on a sign, which hung on the door of my ninth grade English class.  I can still vividly recall the cartoon sketch of a bookwork holding a poised pencil eating through a stack of books, emphasizing the poster's sentiment.  Every day before class started...
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How Do I Find Topics that are Going to Sell? Years ago, I went to a small conference on writing for young adults. After a talk by an editor for a well-known publishing house, one of the participants got up and asked, “How do I know what kids are going to be interested in? How do I find topics that...
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If you've ever wondered where authors get their ideas, here's my story. An essay I was invited to write about my new fantasy novel, Alias Hook, has just been posted at the excellent sci-fi/fantasy book preview site, Upcoming 4.me. It's a regular feature on the site called "The Story Behind..."...
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SHE calls me body electric. SHE – incarnate as hu-wo-man – oh the mystery – and such hard problem for the scientists who establish evidence of truth via the elimination of untruths. Meanwhile they identify my parts, their functions and complexities … I’m a miracle, my ears perk at the slightest...
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Hello Everyone, Happy day! "Everyday I awaken and reboot my mind to my highest good.  I enjoy life to the fullest and the beauty of this day with gratitude and appreciation."  JT  "A TOTAL REBOOT"  Guardian AngelsA Total Reboot Message This is a day in your life and my...
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The struggle to write between teaching and silences is a tough call. Bread and butter a priority. I’ve often wished for a wealthy companion or a huge inheritance from an unexpected source to allow me to run with those striking lines when the muse wakes me in the middle of the night. “Here's one,”...
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"Lots of shifts in thinking and behaviors," is how a professional coach encapsulated the GlobalNiche effect in her life and business. We love that! (Click here to tweet it if it's happening for you too.) Below are fresh explorations of those shifts from novelist Jessica Lutz and academic...
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Some tips for writers here, too. You can find the inspiring story of an animation here … http://courseofmirrors.wordpress.com/story-of-an-animation/    
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*Author's note* These are excerpts from a book on writing that has been in progress for a long time.  I am working on it steadily now, and will share snippets here as they are created. This segment is the introduction to both my first important novel (important to me) and to my early US Navy...
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     "You'll never run again!" The doctor's word's hit me like a fist from a prized fighter.      The arthritic pain in my hips became a reality I had never considered facing. The 14,300 mile running career had take its toll and I knew my running days were...