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Sleep deprivation caused me to have a car wreck, so I studied it. Here are my findings. Do not take all of the supplements in combination. Use your head; experiment. For my purposes, 5HTP, GABA/B6 and melatonin are enough. But sometimes I'll lay off everything for a few days to see if I need...
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Nice news to share: Bloomsbury UK/USA, publisher of my forthcoming book "SWEAT: A History of Exercise," will also publish "Insomniac City," a collection of my stories of New York (some of which have been appearing in The New York Times). The book will include photos I've taken...
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Emotional abuse is often undetected, leaving in its wake deep scars.  In the raising of children it’s quite a set up. Your parents are supposed to use their wisdom to guide you, to teach you right from wrong. But in many homes there is little wisdom and the guidance is a whiplash of verbal...
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The New York Times included my essay "Insomniac City" in its recent special section, Op-Ed at 40, a selection of memorable pieces from the Times' Opinion page.  Link below.