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Don’t you just hate those freezing cold nights when you wear your warmest flannel pajamas and thickest socks and hurry into bed but are still surprised by the smack of cold that comes off the sheets, so you pull the blankets up to your chin, even that one at the foot of the bed—you yank that up too...
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Sleep deprivation caused me to have a car wreck, so I studied it. Here are my findings. Do not take all of the supplements in combination. Use your head; experiment. For my purposes, 5HTP, GABA/B6 and melatonin are enough. But sometimes I'll lay off everything for a few days to see if I need...
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Happy New Year to all of my devoted readers.  I so very much appreciate you taking the time to read my ‘scribblings’. I apologize for being absent the last two weekends. I spent them with my HUGE family in the Los Angeles area. We had a great time and I hope that your holiday was as good as...
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I had a pleasant surprise at 5:00 this morning.  Our Lamplighter Movement facilitator, Pastor Ezekiel, in Migori Suna, Kenya called me. It was a delight to hear his excited voice. He wanted to let me know that he had 20 children in his chapter and that they were all working the REPAIR For Kids...
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I've had sleeping issues over the past few months. I fall asleep but awaken after several hours.  Sometimes a cat is involved but I often awaken on my own, my eyes spurred open by a dream. Of late, I dream mostly about cars.  I'm usually trying to fix the cars but can't for one reason or...
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 One of the subject matters that shows up under my searches the most is “signs of abuse”. This is a complicated subject. I’ll start by illustrating what it was like for me. My father raped me when I was thirteen. Prior to that I was happy, confident, sassy, fun loving, close to my father since...
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We all have quirks. Some of us obsess over little things, have insomnia, insecurities, addictions... nobody's perfect... we all have flaws... blah, blah, blah. Try going without sugar for a month and see what happens. Read your labels and be honest with yourself. I'm not big on sugar, I seem to do...
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Nice news to share: Bloomsbury UK/USA, publisher of my forthcoming book "SWEAT: A History of Exercise," will also publish "Insomniac City," a collection of my stories of New York (some of which have been appearing in The New York Times). The book will include photos I've taken...
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The Vicar of Dibley!! Okay, well maybe it's not the main reason, but it's right up there with all the important ones!! On a serious note... the thing I find most miraculous on any given day is if I can manage to sleep through the night without lurching awake with attacks of overwhelming anxiety...