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I have never been one for use of a lot of Cruise Control in any vehicle. It always felt like cheating. Perhaps something in my long career or running and riding makes it feel like that. You come to think you should always have to use some sort of effort to keep going so fast. Otherwise it's...
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Nothing Personal: Mike Offit Idealistic, smart and career oriented Warren Hament enters the world of investment banking, bond trading and finance in the early 1980’s hoping to have a lucrative career in the world of high finance. But, Warren is naïve in many respects and as we walk the halls of...
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            The following secret recording of the first and only meeting of Greedaholics Anonymous was smuggled out of the Ecuadorian Embassy in London, stuffed down the bra of the attaché working as a “comfort girl” to WikiLeaks founder...
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Between a man in a dark grey suit and a bright-eyed bride in white, they seem to have covered the American dream. Insider trading and ‘marrying well’ are common occurrences, but when these things happen in the United States of America they become symbols. Somewhere outside of this Wall Street and...