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Child sexual abuse perpetrators look for certain qualities in their victims: obedience, weak boundaries, innocence, and especially someone deficient in worldly wisdom or informed judgment. This perfectly describes the naiveté of a child. From these elements they are able to locate the perfect...
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  Anyone who transitions from kidhood to adulthood loses their innocence. For most folks, I suppose it’s a gradual thing. Losing innocence is not the same as becoming a rebellious teenager. Most parents rue the day when their charming child went to bed as a sweetness and light angel and woke...
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There he is, only a few hours old, stealing away my heart. He does it quietly with soft grunts and squeaks –and quick little breaths inside his warm blanket, making my cradling arms simultaneously weak and as strong as iron. Welcome tiny grandson! Your mama is radiant, your dad casual in his...
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Oglesby’s writings give the characters that freedom in a literary novel about human vampires procreating with a vengeance and their antagonistic villains of society, which are no better than the protagonist that switches places throughout the novel.
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I spend most of my day prowling the Internet for organizations that work with people who were sexually abused, especially as children. I contact as many as I can to see if they would be willing to start a Lamplighter chapter in their area. Our Lamplighter movement currently has 68 chapters in...
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Justin Bieber? Well at least his name isn’t recognized by spell check… yet anyways.  Why is Bieber so famous?  It’s easy.  He is living the American dream.  We all want success that we don’t deserve and he is getting it.  Once he hits puberty will have to change his tune pun intended because he...
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  My daughter’s Facebook profile said it all: “One of the worst nights of my life.” Her FB friends’ comments in response were sincere, sympathetic, but mundane: “So sorry, Glenny,” “Call me next time,” etc. As her dad, the thing that panged my scarred old heart the most was not so much...
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It's Sunday. My mother is handing me a small circle of lace and a couple of bobby pins.  I am meant to pin it to my hair in preparation for attending mass at our church.  She has already started a roast in the oven which is now cooking slowly, and its embedded garlic cloves are aromatic,...
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When she is not there, he runs his rough fingers over the lips he cannot feel with his working skin – his sun-stained, dip-dried, sheep-tending hands. His mouth feels what his hands cannot. Nothing is ever tender enough for him, save the newborn lambs he sends to their hideous deaths; a deep...
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If you've seen "Harold and Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay," you'll understand what I mean when I say movies just aren't like they used to be. In that film, a life-sized bag of marijuana has a hole in the cellophane, a lady-part drawn around it, and one of the stoners is having sex with...