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What is it about you and me that we so seldom evolve without having to do so? To advance without being pushed? To change without a crisis to fuel it? There are many explanations, I suppose. Today, however, I’m wondering how many advances in my life I have ignored, changes I have postponed, even...
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When you were born, God equipped you with a conscious, a gut-wrencher, an energy feeling coming across when impending forces try causing you harm or propelling you toward greater good, a realistic sensation responding to all things emotional, a subtle voice. That voice is God trying to tell you...
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My status today: "I'll thank you to keep your chaos to yourself."It was another day of the artful practice of detachment. This meant removing myself from drama, confrontation, and chaos. Another discovery on the long road of transition is when chaos and mayhem swirl around me, I begin to...
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  "In your Twenties, you own your sexuality; in your Thirties, you own your adulthood;  in your Forties, you own your self; in your Fifties, you own your voice; in your Sixties, you own your power." ~ Marianne Williamson I saw this quote the other day and fell in love with it. There is...
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Our inner voice speaks truth, once you take time to listen without judgement, observe and use discernment and simply grow. http://rebootmylife.com
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I love to listen to stories; I always have. And when the stories are true, and told in a melodic voice which soothes the spirit, I cannot help but being swept away to a magical place. That’s how I felt when I immersed myself in Silent Voices of The Soul by Robin Leigh Vella.    The cover itself is...