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From the moment we're born, each of us is thrust into a conflict that's existed for the entirety of human civilization. Depending on our circumstance, the place where we grew up, our social status, our race, gender, sexual orientation, or spiritual inclination, each of us have, or inevitably will,...
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In some countries, women are killed for not being virgins.  In a May 2005 paper entitled, "The Economic Advancement of Women in Jordan:  A Country Gender Assessment," the World Bank reported that 95% of the women killed in Jordan in 1997 for alleged violations of family honor were later...
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Dialled one? Do you expect to get beaten up for it, have your hair shaved off, and then be paraded through the streets? In a Haryana village, a Dalit youth had to go through this. Dalits belong to the lower caste. It does not matter whether they are educated or have made some money. They are...
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Just want to say a quick but heartfelt, "Ramadan kareem!" to my Muslim readers.  For those who may not be familiar with this pillar of Islam, my blog of last year offers a brief explanation.  It's the first day of Ramadan in Jordan and, since the holy month commences in accordance with...
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One of my favorite magazines is The Economist.  In its July 23, 2009 issue, it published an interesting leader/editorial  and a special report on the Arab world entitled Waking from Its Sleep.  The latter is a follow up to a similar report published almost 20 years ago entitled When History Passes...
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The Associated Press is reporting that Jordan has established a special tribunal to speed up the trials for dishonor killings cases in the country.  That is all well and good, but I've never heard even a single person in Jordan--or any human rights activist, for that matter--whinge that the legal...
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A Tale of Two Paradigms Knowing the world's largest special forces training center just opened in Jordan doesn't make me feel any safer.  Sometimes I really have to question how my taxpayer dollars are being used and why the mainstream media aren't doing a better job of laying it out for us. Amman...
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One of the headlines in the July 10th issue of the Jordanian English-language daily newspaper is "No legal exemptions for 'honour crimes'."  Of course, news like that is going to get my attention.  There have been whispers that the Jordanian Parliament is reviewing the laws impacting the...
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Today the BBC and other news outlets are reporting that Syria has amended its dishonor killing law.  President Bashar al-Assad, son of the Lion of Damascus, decreed that Article 548 of the Syrian penal code be abolished.  Article 548 effectively decriminalized dishonor killings by allowing a...