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A twist of a word winds up the mind-toy.  And the double helix tango of Self-as-an-Object and Self-as-a-Subject begins its narrative.  If DNA is information, then DNA is consciousness.  If consciousness is information, then consciousness is DNA.
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There is a kind of apriori forwardness to how we process information.  Watch a worm crawl around - this is what we are, just on legs, in cars, with cell phones.  We are information-processing tubes and because our biological architecture is that of a tube (a mouth, a stomach, an anus) our...
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pattern-interruption workout: read, ask self: what pattern/schema did this break for me? (if any, that is)  1.If you don’t stop itIt’ll stop you.This I-less-nessIs self-destructive.2.There’s only one motive (I thought).That of well-being…But now that you are pointing a gun to my headI see that...