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Master of Rakugo (a Japanese story telling art)   I wrote this in my other blog in November, but it was very short and incomplete.  I added more here about my thought.  Below are his news and some definition on rakugo.    http://ajw.asahi.com/article/behind_news/...
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I dreamed of Mr. Chimi who I heard died in a car accident two weeks back. I feel my hands tremble when I mention his name here. I don’t know, I always feel like something bad might happen when I utter names or think of those who are dead. It has to do with my own fear I know. The first time I...
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Nasal greetings to all, and Happy April. Did you have a chance to play an April Fool's joke on someone? I brought red tassels to put on the nipples of a male trainer at the gym--his larger than life size photo poster, that is. Huge black and white poster, we have to look at those nipples every...