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The magical festive season -- peace and hope, light reborn in the darkest hours of winter -- can affect even outcast dissidents in the most remote corner of the earth. But out there the meaning of the holiday spirit may come with a bittersweet twist. Five years ago on Dec. 25, a procession of...
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About an hour before dawn, howler monkeys woke with grumbles and grunts that eventually gathered enough volume and resonance to become full-blown roars.  From my narrow bed in the second-story dormitory room, I heard the entire chorus but since this was my first night in the rain forest, I had no...
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IN full regalia, Gus introduces his fancy dancing as "the oldest dances done on this continent ... oldies but goodies!  Yeehaw!!!"  50+ years, w/ 3 or 4 broken toe bones, he's doing alright. Never mind that he & 7 or 8 Aztec dancers from Mexico in full costume & all the rest of us...
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Today, our world is experiencing a rapid decline in cultural diversity and the eradication of indigenous peoples and their lifeway. One in five people in the world speak the same language: Mandarin Chinese. Spoken by the largest single ethnic group in the world - the Han - whose 1.3 billion...
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Ethnic genocide traveled hand in hand with Europeans as they colonized the New World, but most Americans assume that the 21st century has gentled relations between races.  In many countries, however, native groups are still denied basic human rights. The Naso people live along the Teribe River and...