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You’ve probably heard tales of writers making tons of money and hitting the bestseller lists with indie ebooks, and you’re wondering if you could do the same. But you might have questions about the best place to publish and distribute your ebook. And you should have those questions... In this...
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On the morning of her thirteenth birthday, Lily kissed her father and knew that he would be dead by nightfall. The image of his death dropped into her mind suddenly and without warning. As her lips touched his she saw behind the thin skin of her closed eyes his face, pale and wet, rising up from...
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Suddenly over the past weekend (8/25-26)… All those contentious words flying around the web for weeks on the subject of book reviews (Too nice? Too nasty? Not worth the trouble?) got trumped. In a sprightly expose in the New York Times with the irresistible title, “The Best Book Reviews Money...
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What can I say, two books out this month, both of them superb, literary efforts and that following the release of my western novel The Last Hunt earlier this spring. That makes three books with my name on them on the shelves in one calendar year. This from a guy notorious for being one of the...
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  In the writing life there are two kinds of motivation. One is the kind that gets you to apply your backside to a chair and get some writing done every day. The other kind is the reason why your characters do the things they do. Both motivations can be difficult at times, but let’s start with...
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A Conversation with an Early Adapter of Self-Publishing Gone Mainstream Boyd Morrison fits no easy stereotypes for a novelist. With a BS degree in mechanical engineering from Rice University, he first worked for Lockheed and NASA on a space station and other projects. He returned to grad school to...
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Richard Nash, publishing savant, on how to get love from independents and the future of the book business with The Book Doctors on Huffington Post http://huff.to/L9iaLh
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A reminder: My NOOK con­test is still going strong. Don’t miss out on a chance to win a NOOK Sim­ple Touch. To enter, all you have to do is fol­low the blog and sign up for my newslet­ter. More details at my main blog, Terry's Place. Recently, after lis­ten­ing to the...
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"Fiction reveals truth that reality obscures." -- Ralph Waldo Emerson Whether or not someone else can teach you how to write a novel has been debated. The answer usually involves whether the question is asked by a teacher or a struggling, beginning writer. The teacher will say, yes, I can teach you...
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On March 19th, SAVING SCOTT officially joins the Nook First program. Why did I decide to pursue this route, especially for those of you who read my post about why I didn't join the Amazon Select Ranks. Why the change of heart? First, it's not really a change of heart. The two programs aren't...