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There was an article in yesterday's paper - the second in a month - about the demise of another indie bookstore: Accent On Books, in Asheville, NC. This one I know about - it's the site of my most highly attended, most successful book appearance. But that was half a year ago. I've...
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Indie book stores may be more resilient than the box box stores. They're smaller, less top-heavy, and thus more willing to change with the times. image via npr npr
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How To Get Your Book Into Internet, Book and Retail Stores, by Elaine Wilkes image via kobobooks.com  If you’re a traditionally published author, or any of the publishing gradations coming into being these days via digital or POD, you could learn a few things about marketing from this book....
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Is this the end of the big box bookies? Your thoughts... Borders Group Inc. stood on the brink of liquidation after a recent offer for the bookstore chain from a private-equity investor fell apart late Wednesday. via online.wsj.com