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Despite my continued lack of diabetic test strips, this week is turning out well. A few days ago, I was tickled pink to discover that "Cryo Kid -- Drawing a New Map" has been awarded finalist status in the Indie Next Generation 2009 Book Awards. Then today I unexpectedly received a...
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I almost forgot! I earned two finalist awards, from the Next Generation Indie Book Awards people: one in Humor/Comedy and one in Autobiography/Memoir. That was pretty exciting, and entitles me to display their gold sticker on my books. Could be a great marketing ploy—we'll see. Anyway, it makes me...
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For what else but enchantment is present when a previously designated "runner-up" becomes the winner? This is what has happened for A Genie in the House of Saud: Zubis Rises. Mystical (note the name; could some unseen force be at work ... or is that because the editor's door is closed?)...