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On this edition of the Phil Naessens Show  J.A. Sherman joins Phil to discuss Thursday night’s OKC Thunder win over Cleveland, Scott Brooks, Jeremy Lamb, Caron Butler and a look at the upcoming week of games. Rush Olson joins Phil to preview the 2014 Cleveland Indians...
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Photo: Terry Francona, as he is now--a manager of the Cleveland Indians--in a photo from a Boston Globe article about him winning Manager of the Year.     A very readable, if not mindblowing or all-revealing, look at the life and times, especially 2004-2011, of former Red Sox manager...
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     Sitting outside his TeePee the indian chief watched his son approach and sit down. The young boy's face looked sad and the chief questioned this.      "Father, I hunt every day, to try to make you proud. Yet, I still have not been successful in my hunts...
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     The deerskin clothing kept the Native American and his mate warm against the elements as they sat on top of the grassy hill, utilizing the shade of the giant oak. The late spring wind was cool and the two found themselves shoulder to shoulder staring out across the great...
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In the mid-eighties, I flew to London to attend a friend's wedding. This was my first foreign-land trip alone, having been through a divorce several years earlier. The morning after the wedding, I checked out of the hotel and picked up a rental car. (When asked by incredulous friends if I...
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My first visit to Santa Fe, New Mexico was riddled with unexpected contrasts, ranging from earth to sky and everything in between.Day one was sparkling and crisp, punctuated by gusty winds and bright blue skies. The natural beauty of the desert, indigenous people, and adobe architecture steered my...
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            I am everyone whoever died without a voice or a prayer or a hope or a chance.... everyone whoever suffered for being an Indian, for being indigenous, for being free, for being Other, for being committed.... I am every one of them. Every single one. Yes....
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  …we had better, in order to protect our civilization…wipe these untamed and untameable creatures from the face of the earth. —L. Frank Baum, in an editorial following the Wounded Knee massacre   We watched, waited in terror for the terrible Moment to come so we could peek through...