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The Discovery Science Center is a nonprofit organization dedicated to educating young minds, assisting teachers, and increasing public understanding of science, math, and technology through interactive exhibits and programs. Located in Santa Ana, CA, this wonderful learning center has a special...
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There’s no subject more likely to alternate between triggering giggles and tears than the subject of balance. It’s such a mythical concept that I half expect the Indiana Jones movie franchise will devote a sequel to it as something more valuable and elusive than the Holy Grail.   The very idea that...
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You can always tell when it's the "silly season" or else there is not a huge amount of news going on. Papers, web sites etc always come up with these weird and wonderful lists. Today it's the turn of the top cinema hero's and villains. So starting with the villains, I was shocked to see...
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There are true stories that are unfortunate. Then there are true stories that are really really unfortunate. I was kidnapped, tortured, robbed and released while traveling on business in Shenzhen, China, exactly 5 years, 21 days and 14.5 hours ago but who’s counting. At this pt in time feels like...
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Because you're worth it, I knocked myself out putting together a new photo album for you armchair travelers to Jordan: http://www.redroom.com/galleryimage/al-khazneh-the-treasury-as-siq-0 Even the most sophisticated of travelers would probably name Petra, The Rose Red City in the south of Jordan,...